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The 5 secrets to pulling off the "Mad Men" look

Mad MenMad Men, a popular television series about the advertising business set in the 1960's, ends it's long run of eight years on Sunday, May 17, 2015. Although renowned for it's entertainment, it may be remembered more for it's wardrobe. says that from 1998 to 2014, sales on men's suits more than doubled.

There are several pieces of the look that can really sell it as classy.

1. French Cuffs & Cufflinks

These are not as common nowadays, but they add a sense of class to your suit. Although they might be a little more costly at first, they aren't that much harder to wear or match. You can even attached the cufflinks in such a way that allows the cuff to wear just like a standard cuff.

2. Pocket Square or Handkerchief

Using a pocket square or a handkerchief will also add to your Mad Men look. These were originally used to wipe your face or blow your nose, but it is highly frowned upon to do that nowadays, as it should be used just as a fashion statement. We would also recommend using a white one and folding it using the presidential fold. (If you don't know what that is then check out the tutorial here.)

3. A Traditional Suit

The number one way to pull of the look is to wear a traditional suit. This is usually a neutral colored suit with a wider lapel. Pin stripes are also allowed.

4. Clean Shaven & Combed Hair

All of the main male characters are clean shaven for a reason. It was not common for a man to have a mustache or beard in those days because it was thought of to be unkempt. Along with that, their hair was always combed and usually held with a gel of some sort.

5. Smoke

The last way to pull of the look is to smoke. Smoke all of the time. Smoking was very standard in that time and to complete the look you need to smoke. (Not really, in fact we do not recommend picking up smoking).