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3 reasons to buy Toms

Toms Navy Men's ClassicsToms started as a shoe company in May of 2006. They are most known for their classic styled shoes pictured left. They have become world renowned and a fashion trend in the U.S.

Here are three reasons that you should buy Toms



1. Toms donates One for One

One for One means that they donate one pair of shoes to those in need for every pair that they sell. In addition to that for the non-shoe products, they donate medical and clean water to those in need. As well as donating to those in need, the products are not overly expensive and compare in price to other similar products of the same quality and style.

2. They sell more than their classic shoes

You are not stuck with their interestingly styled classic shoes. They offer many products including boots, sandals, lace-ups, and even dress shoes (pictured below)

Toms Men's Gray Canvas BroguesIn addition to selling shoes, they offer many other products including sunglass, hats, coffee, apparel, and jewelry. With their vast amount of products offered, you are sure to find something you like.




3. They are great quality

Toms are made to last. They might seem like they will be made cheaply, but they will last longer than your standard shoe. You can also wash the canvas ones in the washing machine to clean them. You are also able to replace the soles easily by finding any thin sole and sticking them in the shoes.

Think twice about your next purchase and where the money is going.