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The 5 styles to wear this summer

Don't know how to add some flare to your style this summer? Check out this list of 5 styles to wear this summer.

1. Shoes

Sperry Boat ShoesI know what you are thinking, you already wear shoes during the summer. Wrong, most guys tend to wear flip-flops on a more than okay basis. Flip-flops are meant for the pool or beach and should not be worn anywhere else. The best way to battle this flip-flop addiction is to invest in a pair of comfortable boat shoes that don't need any socks, so they can be worn just as easily as flip-flops. Boat shoes will last you much longer and will make you look much more mature as well as provide your feet with optimal comfort. Sperry boat shoes, pictured left, are our personal recommendation and they can be found here. Also check out our socks that go great with any boat shoes.

2. Floral Patterns

Jack Threads | Jack of All Threads Floral Bow TieFloral patterns are not just for girls anymore. A guy can easily pull off a floral pattern, especially during the Spring or Summer. The best things to wear floral patterns on are ties, bow ties, shirts, and hats, but really anything can look good with it. The floral bow tie pictured left can be found here at Also check out our Il Fiore line of snapback hats that feature a floral patterned bill.

3. Plain-front Shorts

Men's Plain-front ShortsPlain-front shorts are a must (pictured left). Gone are the days of baggy cargo shorts. When you are looking for a good pair of plain-front shorts remember that the edge of the short should come above your knee. This will give you the flexibility to move around in your day-to-day tasks as well as provide you with a level of comfort in the coming summer heat. Combine these with the boat shoes to pull off a beach-bum look. They sell some cheap quality plain-front shorts here at Old Navy. Don't forget to hold your new plain-front shorts up in style with one of our belts.

4. Short-Sleeved Button-downs

JackThreads | Woolf Jasper Chambray ShirtSummer is hot, but you shouldn't wear a t-shirt everyday. You can fight this by wearing a short-sleeved button-down shirt. They give are cool enough to wear during the summer, but they also still provide a level of style and class, one that a t-shirt simply could not pull off. A great collection of short-sleeved button-downs by JackThreads (pictured left), can be found here. You can always dress up a short-sleeved button-down by adding a tie or bow tie too. Find some here.

5. Sunscreen

SunscreenLastly, and most importantly, wear sunscreen. The most stylist thing is to not have burnt skin. Burnt skin can be red, peeling, and painful, and it is something that is best to avoid. Make sure that you wear sunscreen while you are sporting your new summer styles and don't forget to re-apply often.