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Consider Linen this Summer for a Lightweight and Breathable Feel

Dress up your summer style while maintaining your comfort with a nice cotton/linen blend shirt.

Uniqlo | Men's Linen ShirtsLinen and washed linen has become very stylish because of it's texture, but it is not the most comfortable material. Purchasing clothing that is a blend of cotton and linen will provide you with the fashionable texture as well as the comfort of the cotton. The blend is also composed of two very lightweight materials so you can keep cool in style. Some nice cotton/linen blend shirts can be found at (pictured left).

Nordstrom | Men's Linen ShirtsNordstrom also has a nice collection of cotton/linen blend shirts that be dressed up as well so that you can attend a formal event or a job interview while maintaining your comfort because we all know that pit-stains don't look good to an interviewee. These are priced a little higher than the Uniqlo shirts, but they can be dressier (see image right). 

Perry Ellis | Men's Linen ShirtsLastly, Perry Ellis (seen left) has a great collection of moderately priced quality shirts as well as a collection of pants, shorts, and even vests and blazers so that you can stay comfortable this summer. They have sales often so we recommend that you catch them in the middle of one in order to get a better deal, for example, this weekend they are offering 40% off all orders so get over there quickly.