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How to Stop Sweat Marks in Three Easy Steps

Sweat MarksWe all have had them: sweat marks. They usually happen when you are dressing up for some sort of formal occasion and we choose a shirt that is not necessarily very breathable. Summer is coming so in order to save yourself from this embarrassing atrocity, you should follow these three easy steps.

1. Wear an undershirt

Men's UndershirtThe number one way to stop sweat stains is to wear an undershirt. Let the undershirt take all of the beatings while your dress shirt remains nice and classy. The undershirt can be made out of a cotton material or a sports undershirt which will provide more breathability. Generally it is best to go with a white undershirt because it can be worn underneath any color.

2. Maintain your body heat

Men's Dress ShortsThere are a number of ways to do this and the first is to wear as little clothing as possible. Maybe go with the blazer or wear a dressy pair of shorts instead of pants. You can also wear a short-sleeved button-down to stay classy yet comfortable this summer. There are a number of ways to reduce heat and the second way is to roll up your sleeves. If you are wearing a long-sleeved button-down then you are probably going to want to roll up your sleeves in order to get some air inside your shirt. This seems like an quick fix but it works surprisingly well. Another way is to just drink water. Water can cool you down very quickly and also keep you hydrated and energized.

3. Wear quality materials

Men's Linen ShirtA lot of the time, your sweat marks can be blamed on the quality of the material. A lot of cheap dress shirts will not be made out of quality materials and the breathability falls very short. They also tend to soak up any and all moisture so that your sweat marks are easily visible. The best option this summer is probably to go with a linen shirt; you can see a blog post about linen shirts here.