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Why "Casual Friday" doesn't mean what you think it means

Casual Friday is a tradition that a lot of offices and businesses take part in where their dress code is relaxed on the last day of the work week, Friday. This can be a good and a bad thing. Here are a few reasons: 1. It is more comfortable (the good) Almost everyone can agree that wearing casual clothes is more comfortable than having to wear a suit or even just a shirt and tie. You don't have the constrained neck from the tie or the constrained arm mobility that suits will often give you. It also allows for a more comfortable body temperature due to being allowed to wear less clothes as well as being able to wear more...

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The 5 styles to wear this summer

Don't know how to add some flare to your style this summer? Check out this list of 5 styles to wear this summer. 1. Shoes I know what you are thinking, you already wear shoes during the summer. Wrong, most guys tend to wear flip-flops on a more than okay basis. Flip-flops are meant for the pool or beach and should not be worn anywhere else. The best way to battle this flip-flop addiction is to invest in a pair of comfortable boat shoes that don't need any socks, so they can be worn just as easily as flip-flops. Boat shoes will last you much longer and will make you look much more mature as well as provide your feet with...

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Why you should always wear a belt

Belts are not just for holding up your pants. While they do help in holding them up and making sure that the backside of your pants stays even all the way around your waist, they add a finishing touch to your outfit. The belt provides a clear separation between your torso and your legs as well as adds a nice horizontal line to the top of your pants. If you are tucking your shirt in then belts are a must, but if you are not, then they are just highly recommended. Don't forget to match your belt to the rest of your outfit though. Find this exact look here.  

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