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How to Stop Sweat Marks in Three Easy Steps

We all have had them: sweat marks. They usually happen when you are dressing up for some sort of formal occasion and we choose a shirt that is not necessarily very breathable. Summer is coming so in order to save yourself from this embarrassing atrocity, you should follow these three easy steps. 1. Wear an undershirt The number one way to stop sweat stains is to wear an undershirt. Let the undershirt take all of the beatings while your dress shirt remains nice and classy. The undershirt can be made out of a cotton material or a sports undershirt which will provide more breathability. Generally it is best to go with a white undershirt because it can be worn underneath...

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Consider Linen this Summer for a Lightweight and Breathable Feel

Dress up your summer style while maintaining your comfort with a nice cotton/linen blend shirt. Linen and washed linen has become very stylish because of it's texture, but it is not the most comfortable material. Purchasing clothing that is a blend of cotton and linen will provide you with the fashionable texture as well as the comfort of the cotton. The blend is also composed of two very lightweight materials so you can keep cool in style. Some nice cotton/linen blend shirts can be found at (pictured left). Nordstrom also has a nice collection of cotton/linen blend shirts that be dressed up as well so that you can attend a formal event or a job interview while maintaining your comfort because we...

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