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The 5 rules about wearing bright socks

Here you can find 5 easy rules about wearing bright colored socks starting with when not to wear them. 1. When not to wear bright socks Bright colored socks can be plain, patterned, or even containing graphics, but there are a few times when wearing them is inappropriate. They are not to be worn when trying to pull off any serious business attire or at any sort of formal event. This is because these occasions are not appropriate to express yourself at due to their serious nature. 2. When to wear bright socks Anything that isn't formal or extremely professional usually lends itself to allow for expression such as colorful socks. They can be used to liven up a boring...

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Which should you choose? Rain Jacket or Umbrella

Although there are pros and cons for both options, they are both great for rain protection. Check out some of the reasons below. Rain Jackets Pro: They can be used to protect against rain as well as an additional piece of clothing to offer you style as well as warmth. Pro: There are tons of styles and designs that you can choose from in order to match your everyday lifestyle. Con: They can overheat and if this happens, you are kinda stuck wearing it and having to bear the heat. Con: Since there are many style options, they can easily go out of style or not seem as great as they once did. Con: They wear down quickly because you...

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Why "Casual Friday" doesn't mean what you think it means

Casual Friday is a tradition that a lot of offices and businesses take part in where their dress code is relaxed on the last day of the work week, Friday. This can be a good and a bad thing. Here are a few reasons: 1. It is more comfortable (the good) Almost everyone can agree that wearing casual clothes is more comfortable than having to wear a suit or even just a shirt and tie. You don't have the constrained neck from the tie or the constrained arm mobility that suits will often give you. It also allows for a more comfortable body temperature due to being allowed to wear less clothes as well as being able to wear more...

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The 5 styles to wear this summer

Don't know how to add some flare to your style this summer? Check out this list of 5 styles to wear this summer. 1. Shoes I know what you are thinking, you already wear shoes during the summer. Wrong, most guys tend to wear flip-flops on a more than okay basis. Flip-flops are meant for the pool or beach and should not be worn anywhere else. The best way to battle this flip-flop addiction is to invest in a pair of comfortable boat shoes that don't need any socks, so they can be worn just as easily as flip-flops. Boat shoes will last you much longer and will make you look much more mature as well as provide your feet with...

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3 reasons to buy Toms

Toms started as a shoe company in May of 2006. They are most known for their classic styled shoes pictured left. They have become world renowned and a fashion trend in the U.S. Here are three reasons that you should buy Toms     1. Toms donates One for One One for One means that they donate one pair of shoes to those in need for every pair that they sell. In addition to that for the non-shoe products, they donate medical and clean water to those in need. As well as donating to those in need, the products are not overly expensive and compare in price to other similar products of the same quality and style. 2. They sell more than...

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