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What to get your dad for Father's Day

There are two basic types of items you can get your dad for Father's Day, ones for use and ones for decoration. For Use Gifts intended for use are the most sought after and getting one that your dad will use on a regular occasion is one of the best gifts you can give. But this is not easy to do. It might help to start out by asking yourself what you dad will use. This is done easily by thinking about what he already uses. If he already uses the product, then you know for a fact that he will use your gift. Some ideas can be soaps, creams, hair products, socks, clothes, shoes, ties, and more. Some gifts...

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The 5 styles to wear this summer

Don't know how to add some flare to your style this summer? Check out this list of 5 styles to wear this summer. 1. Shoes I know what you are thinking, you already wear shoes during the summer. Wrong, most guys tend to wear flip-flops on a more than okay basis. Flip-flops are meant for the pool or beach and should not be worn anywhere else. The best way to battle this flip-flop addiction is to invest in a pair of comfortable boat shoes that don't need any socks, so they can be worn just as easily as flip-flops. Boat shoes will last you much longer and will make you look much more mature as well as provide your feet with...

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The Real Way to Tie a Tie

We know that not everyone can tie a tie, c'mon, you can admit it. Fear no more about humiliation or agony from not being able to tie a tie. With this short tutorial by The Art of Manliness, you can not only learn how to tie a tie in various ways, but you will be able to do it in a matter of seconds. You can view the tutorial here.    

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