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Why you should always wear a belt

Belts are not just for holding up your pants. While they do help in holding them up and making sure that the backside of your pants stays even all the way around your waist, they add a finishing touch to your outfit. The belt provides a clear separation between your torso and your legs as well as adds a nice horizontal line to the top of your pants. If you are tucking your shirt in then belts are a must, but if you are not, then they are just highly recommended. Don't forget to match your belt to the rest of your outfit though. Find this exact look here.  

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Never, I said never, underestimated the power of a pocket square.

Pocket squares or handkerchiefs provide a finishing touch to any suit or blazer. Whether you are going to a wedding or you are going to work, a pocket square makes you look like someone who really knows how to dress. They are cheap and easy to wear, but make sure you know how to fold one. This short video tutorial by the Gentleman's Gazette shows us five of the best ways to fold a pocket square or handkerchief. See the article and video here.  

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What you don't already know about tucking in your shirt

Tired of looking sloppy or unkempt? Learn not only how to tuck in your shirt with this short tutorial, but learn new ways to do so like the military tuck which can help when a shirt fits too big. I personally used this technique all of the time. Find the tutorial here at the Art of Manliness. Don't forget to top off your outfit with one of our stylish watches found here.

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The Real Way to Tie a Tie

We know that not everyone can tie a tie, c'mon, you can admit it. Fear no more about humiliation or agony from not being able to tie a tie. With this short tutorial by The Art of Manliness, you can not only learn how to tie a tie in various ways, but you will be able to do it in a matter of seconds. You can view the tutorial here.    

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